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The Productive Muslim South Africa Workshop & Book Tour (September 2019)

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The Productive Muslim Company is pleased to announce a multi-city workshop & book tour in South Africa from August 30th until September 10th, with Mohammed Faris, Founder & CEO of the Productive Muslim Company in partnership with Baitul Hikmah Islamic Book & Gift Store (learn more here).

Watch Video Message from Our Founder:

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Faris will be visiting Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, and Capetown to conduct the following workshops:

  1. The Barakah Effect Workshop: A deep dive into the concept of Barakah with practical tools and advice to attract Barakah in one’s life and business.
  2. The Productive Muslim Workshop: A 1-day Workshop based on “The Productive Muslim Book” to help individuals manage their energy, focus, and time to live the best version of themselves: spiritually, physically, and socially.

For detailed program dates, venues, and times visit → https://hikmah.co.za/productive-muslim-workshop-book-tour-by-mohammed-faris/

Copies of our best selling book “The Productive Muslim: Where Faith Meets Productivity” will also be available for sale and signing at each of the events.

Faris has been delivering these workshops for the past 10 years in over 15+ countries. For the first time, they are coming to South Africa this September, insha’Allah.

We look forward to meeting our South African readers and friends soon!

Register for the event here: https://hikmah.co.za/productive-muslim-workshop-book-tour-by-mohammed-faris/

The Productive Muslim South Africa Workshop & Book Tour (September 2019)

For more information about the South Africa Workshop & Book Tour, please visit www.hikmah.co.za or call 031 207 3871.

To host a Productive Muslim Tour/Workshop in your city/country, please visit: https://productivemuslim.com/workshops

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