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The Best Eid Gifts by Nominal

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This is a sponsored post from Nominal.

Gift shopping in Ramadan and Eid is exciting, but it isn’t always easy. You have to be thoughtful, you have to purchase quality items that won’t break before the next Eid, and of course, you have to work within a fair budget range so everyone can get the gifts they deserve! Combining meaningful, thoughtful, stylish, and affordable is seemingly impossible, but we’re here to make it just a little more possible for you. Consider it our Eid gift for you.

Let’s run through five of Nominal’s bestsellers that make the perfect gift for any of your loved ones including family, friends, spouse, and all loved ones! Don’t forget, all Nominal jewelry is covered with a Lifetime Warranty, so shop with confidence and always feel free to reach out to us if you ever have any questions. We’re here to make this as easy and smooth as possible for you!

1. The Ayatul Kursi Necklace

One of Nominal’s all-time bestsellers and one of our first original pieces ever. Hand-inscribed by a calligraphist in Syria, this piece features the entire verse of Ayatul Kursi written in a gorgeously intricate engraving on an elegant one-inch circular pendant.

This piece not only carries more meaning than any of our other pieces, but also serves as a beautiful reminder to anyone wearing it to recite the verse throughout the day. The beauty speaks for itself, this gift is sure to make your loved ones smile!

* This piece is also available for men here!

2. Custom Arabic Name Necklace

It doesn’t get more personal than this. You’ll want to order ahead of time, because our custom pieces are just that: custom made just for you so they take 10-20 days to create. They are hand crafted and hand polished to perfection before being shipped out to you. Not only in Arabic, the Name Necklace can be made in any language you can think of! You let us know and we’ll bring it to life for you.

A name is, to that person, the most important sound in the world, so bring it to life on our classic Name Necklace and watch their eyes light up with joy. Our all-time bestseller is the perfect Eid and Ramadan gift.

* Custom necklaces for men are available here!

3. A Breathtaking Watch

The Bouquet Collection for women includes twelve breathtaking options from all-gold, to all-black, and all the head-turning styles in between. And every single one would make a stunning gift to deliver to a loved one. Packaged for you, equipped with sapphire crystal glass and a swiss battery to last year after year, your search for a watch ends here. Whether it’s for a teenager’s first watch or your parents’ new favorite wristpiece, you’ll find an option for everyone to take their breath away this Eid!

Bundles are also available to get matching his & hers watches!

* Men’s watches are available in eleven styles here!

For #4 & #5, please click here.

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