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Productive Muslim Retreat 2020: Book Today to Get Inspired and Reset Your Life

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Registration for the Productive Muslim Retreat 2020 closes 15th December 2019.  Click here to reserve your spot today. Watch the video below to learn more:

The Productive Muslim Company and HalalTrip.com are pleased to announce the 4th edition of the Productive Muslim Retreat that will take place between 7th-13th February 2020, on a 5* resort in Bintan Island, Indonesia. Learn more at the dedicated retreat website: ProductiveMuslimRetreat.com.

This retreat is designed for individuals, couples, and families who are looking for a meaningful escape that provides an uplifting and holistic experience – spiritually, physically, and socially – and help participants clear their mind, set new goals, and build new habits and routines for the next best version of themselves.

Download retreat brochure here

If you’re stressed, overwhelmed, or looking for a turning point in your life to recapture your spirituality, recharge your soul, body & mind, and find enough inspiration and direction for your next stage in life, then The Productive Muslim Retreat is the right opportunity for you, insha’Allah.

Impact of The Productive Muslim Retreat

AlhamduliAllah, participants of previous retreats were delighted and expressed how this experience gave them the needed practical knowledge, inspiration and direction in life. Read some of the testimonials below, or watch interviews on our retreat website here.

“The retreat allowed me to have an objective reflection on my habits, routines, and overall productivity. The focus of the Program on spiritual, mental, social and physical health was exactly what I needed for the growing demands and stresses of both life and work.” – Ahmed Boshnak, Consultant, Saudi Arabia.

“Different people will get different things out of the retreat. Someone who wants to work on their schedule – as I did – would definitely benefit..doing it with a teacher and fellow students. I brought four kids and my wife to this retreat and alhamdulillah we had a very enjoyable time.” – Abdur-Rahman Syed, Brand Strategist.

“I can’t really put this experience in words, but I know it’s definitely going to benefit me, benefit my family, and those people that I’m going to share this message with, and I’m looking forward to coming to another one.” – Aminah Ibrahim Abba, Student, UK.

“I think [The Retreat] is like a seed that is planted in me that will grow when I come back home. I just had a fantastic time here” – Farhana Baharos, Psychologist, The Netherlands.

Retreat Coach

The retreat will be led by Mohammed Faris, Founder, and CEO of The Productive Muslim Company and author of “The Productive Muslim: Where Faith Meets Productivity” – who’ll guide the participants on a 7 day experience that will connect the spiritual tradition of the Islamic faith and cutting-edge peak performance science research to enrich and deepen the participants’ experience.

How to Book Your Spot

You can book a spot on the retreat in 3 easy steps:

  1. Select your package from the retreat website here.
  2. Complete Booking form
  3. Finalize your booking with our logistics partner, HalalTrip.com over the phone or via email.

Due to limited capacity, participants need to reserve their spot on the 2020 retreat no later than 15th December 2019.
If you feel this retreat is the right getaway you need in your life now, then Bismillah, check out full details and register today here.

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