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[Podcast Interview] The Case for Faith-Based Professional Development Training

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If you’re looking for an enjoyable and inspirational chat on faith, work, and personal development, then tune in to this podcast interview featuring Mohammed Faris, CEO, and Founder of the Productive Muslim Company.

In this interview, Omar Usman, podcast host and the new leader of the Barakah Academy’s Book Club, talks with Mohammed Faris about the progression of The Productive Muslim Company from Islamifying productivity literature to developing a unique faith-based personal and professional training company.

The interview covers how the Productive Muslim Company’s changed vision from the Carpenter to the Gardener mindset has impacted the team and work.

It also sheds more light on the new Barakah Academy and its promising Book Club that aims to help participants develop faith-based critical reading skills.

Other topics discussed in the interview:

  • How faith should drive you to be a better professional
  • Do religious values such as humility hold you back in a corporate environment? An answer from Surat Yusuf.
  • Barakah culture vs. Hustle culture and workism
  • The greatest email life hack ever
  • Should you do voluntary fasting like Shawwal if it means you’ll decrease performance at work?
  • The most profound thing about the character of the Prophet [SAW].
  • Revealed reality and observed reality
  • Reasons why professional training may fail.

Check out the full interview here:



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