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Disability & Social Justice: In Conversation With Sa’diyya Nesar And Zeba Khan

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‘Justice For All Now’, a talk show hosted by human rights advocate and journalist Hena Zuberi on Muslim Network TV. She conducts in-depth interviews with people on the front line of the world’s most pressing issues. On ‘Justice For All Now’, you’ll hear a diversity of voices and analysis on establishing justice the world over.

In this episode, her guests are:

Sa’diyya Nesar is the author of ‘Strength from Within’ that is based on her life with physical disabilities and deriving strength from the stories of the prophets. She received her Bachelors of Arts Degree in English Language & Literature from Hong Kong University, pursued her Islamic studies thereafter, and wrote for a variety of outlets ranging from SISTERs Magazine to HuffPost. She has started the “Women in Islam Series,” and “Community Care in Islam series,” within her local Muslim community to strengthen one’s Muslim identity and understanding of social justice in Islam. She recently delivered a TEDx talk that raised the social realities those with disabilities face, and is currently Hong Kong’s RESOLVE’s 2020 social justice fellow on the theme of ‘DisABILITIES: less assumptions, more conversations.
Zeba Khan of @muslimmatters is a writer and disability awareness advocate with chronic illness, as well as a child with special needs. She was the founder of Autism UAE and is currently special needs coordinator for her local masjid was the founder and Managing Director for Autism UAE an organization that provided at-cost services for children on the autism spectrum


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