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(Food For Thought ) Christ And Buddha – Coincident


Christianity and Buddhism are two beliefs shared by billions of people worldwide. The Christ and the Buddha myths share some very striking similarities as do their teachings. Believers of both myths believe that their chosen hero once existed on earth. The reality is that there is little or no historical evidence to back either claims. Buddhism pre dates Christianity by centuries. Through trade and Buddhist monks there was contact between both eastern and western civilizations. By comparing Buddhism to Christianity it becomes obvious that much of the Christ myth and Christ’s teachings have been taken from Buddhism.

Buddha was born from a virgin mother, Queen Maya. Buddha was born of royalty and his birth was foretold by angels. Buddha’s birth was a divine birth as he was born from a god. Wise men bearing gifts attended the birth of Buddha and angels sang at his birth. The birth of Christ has all of these events in common with Buddha’s birth. Mary was a virgin when she conceived Jesus. Jesus was of the lineage of King David so he was also born of royal blood. Jesus was born the son of God. Wise men brought baby Jesus gifts and angels sang at his birth. The stories of the births are almost identical. It is very plausible that the Christian writers borrowed or stole the story of Christ’s birth from the story of Buddha’s birth that pre dates Christ by over five hundred years. This is not the only event in the lives of Christ and Buddha that are identical.

Little is told of Buddha and Christ’s childhood, but what little is told is remarkably similar. Both Buddha and Jesus were child prodigies and very precocious. Both Christ and Buddha tame wild animals. They both visited a temple and astound the teachers with their knowledge. The tale of Jesus Christ has many missing years and does not continue until Jesus is thirty and starts his ministry. The tale of Buddha is more detailed as Buddha gets married and his life as a young man is told. Remarkably, Buddha starts his ministry at the age of thirty also. Jesus starts out fasting in the desert for exactly 40 days and nights, while in the dessert he is tempted by the devil. Buddha also starts his ministry in the same way. He fasts for exactly 40 days and nights in the wilderness and is tempted by an evil spirit. Once the ordeal of fasting is over both Jesus and Buddha gather 12 apostles and makes them change their names. Buddha and Christ both perform miracles and cure diseases. They both offer their followers eternal salvation. Both speak mostly in parables.

The leading up to death and the deaths of Buddha and Christ share some of the same details. Buddha and Christ both foretell of their deaths three times and both travel to a city for their last meals. Jesus goes to Jerusalem and Buddha goes to Kusinagari. During their meals both refuse a drink twice. When sentenced to death, Christ is to be crucified on a cross. Buddha is to be impaled on a cross. Both are forced to carry their cross to the place of their execution. Jesus is crucified between two criminals and Buddha is impaled between two trees. Christ and Buddha make the same promise to their last converts that “today you will be in paradise”. A disciple of Buddha named Kas ya pas encounters an unknown person from whom he learns of the death of Buddha. A disciple of Christ named Kle o pas finds out about the death of Christ through an unknown person. The similarities in the legends of the life of Buddha and Christ are remarkable.

The teachings of Christ and Buddha have the basic core message. They prohibited murder, adultery, stealing, and bearing false witness. Their teaching’s advocated peace, loving ones neighbor, helping the poor and abandon self and selfishness. Many statement made by Buddha and Christ also bear strong resemblance. Christ stated, “therefore confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed”. Buddha stated, “Confess before the world the sins that you have committed”. Christ stated, “ a foolish man built his house on sand”. Buddha stated, “Perishable is a city built on sand”. Christ stated, “in him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sin”. Buddha stated, “let all sins that were committed in this world fall on me, that the world may be delivered”. “You see the mote which is in your brothers eye; but you do not see the beam which is in your own eye”, Christ. “The faults of others are more easily seen than one’s own, but seeing one’s own failings is difficult”, Buddha. These are a few of the many statements made by Christ and Buddha which have the same meaning. Christ and Buddha use many parables which are almost identical in meaning, this combined with the same core message, points to the fact that Christianity borrowed much from Buddhism.

Christianity has been taught to most in the United States from birth. Most teach that the bible and the word of Christ are divine. It is difficult to believe in the religions divinity when so much of it is not even original. Buddha and Christ also have a lack of historical evidence from the time they were supposed to have live, to back the claims that they existed in the flesh and blood. Christianity as all religions, needs to be looked at critically with reason as opposed to blind faith. Religion has been used to control how people act, what people do and even how they think. Christianity was responsible for over a thousand years of repression of people, the destruction of knowledge and the glorification of ignorance and intolerance in western civilization. Christianity still has the threat of making another dark age if the wrong people are in charge. Knowledge is the worst enemy of faith. Through education and looking at all religion through the eyes of science, history, and archaeology religion can be exposed for what it really is: a means to explain what is unknown and a means to control all human activity. The comparison of Buddha and Christ is a step in that direction and clearly shows that Christ is a fabrication of another more ancient character.

Source: http://whatreallyhappened.com/ja/blogs/dean/10/05/19/christ-and-buddha

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