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How a Dentist Managed to Balance It All

Kahkshan Ali is a dentist and a mother who was struggling with balancing work, faith and family life. This is her review of the Masterclass where she talks about what she learned, how the Masterclass helped her find the balance she needed and also feel happier, more at peace and less stressed, with the Will of Allah subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He).



What inspired you to sign up for the ProductiveMuslim Masterclass?

I think it was the level of trust. You had started doing a little bit of one-on-one coaching, I’d been about almost three years now and I’ve been part of Productive Muslim Academy, you know, doing online. I want you guys. I already knew, Mashallah, your background and everything for coaching and then when I saw the Masterclass, you know, I thought definitely. It’s my trust in your academy and I already knew it was most likely going to be a good product because all the other things I’ve done so far had been very helpful.

What was your biggest challenge before taking the class?

I think the main thing would be the productivity for me just because I’m working full-time and I’ve got a family and trying to make sure that all the projects and things that I want to get done and balance that with family life, you know, happen. So I was struggling with that, I think, trying to feel like, yes, I know I have time, but where’s the time going?

What did you learn from the Masterclass that helped you resolve it?

You know, what I loved about it was you didn’t actually go right into that first. And for me, the other reason I wanted to do a Masterclass through Productive Muslim Academy, was being a Muslim, is that you know, we need to combine our worldly life with our Akhirah [Afterlife] linking the Dunya and Deen [worldly life with faith]. And that’s what I love about this. I mean, I’m doing other kinds of coaching as you know, but none of them of course, address being a Muslim. When people do the master class, they’ll see this.

We do the whole thing about the Barakah effect and, you know, waking me up [for Fajr] and getting your morning routine. And so to me, once I started setting that habit and you know, other people, other coaches, you know, Robin Sharma, other people, they also talk about, he talks about the 5:00 AM club. So as Muslims, you know, we’re supposed to be up for Fajr. So we get to be part of that, you know, a successful habit, waking up early. So, learning that and starting off with that and getting that in order and shape and kind of set the tone for the rest of the stuff that we want to do.

What specific results can you see after the Masterclass?

Really getting management of my calendar, you know, of my time. I feel that I’ve really got a better balance now with managing time for my projects because as you know, I’m also trying to maybe do something else with my career right now and also will spend time with my daughter and my husband. My parents were here, also. All of that. So, I really am so much happier. It feels so much more at peace and less stressed.

What did you like about the ProductiveMuslim Masterclass?

In the past, I signed up for things and I never followed through in the sense that I’m like, oh, you know, they’re either too long, let’s say, or you know, there’s too much involvement. And they’re kind of, you know, going on and on. I love the length of this Masterclass. I think that it’s the six main weeks and we had that extra session. So, it’s about seven actual classes.

I think it’s the perfect amount of time. It’s 90 minutes. We get so much in that 90 minutes and you can use the things immediately and we get our weekly experiments to do and then that’s actually starting to get us into those habits. So I really think that that is enough time. It’s not too much and it can be done, you know, even though I’m busy.

Final thoughts

I highly recommend it. As I said, I’ve done a lot of courses; I’ve done a lot of stuff so I know who’s out there.

Pricing-wise, I think it’s a phenomenal value, also, really, I mean, Mash’Allah. I think it’s an excellent value for money. And you will actually get something really out of it.

I love the fact that we also have lifetime access to the recordings of the classes and stuff because it’s something that there’s so much detailed information also. Plus you’ve given us the slides and the PowerPoint presentations and everything. So, I still go through my notes that I’ve taken and then, you know, being able to go back to the recording. So that is fantastic to be able to have that resource forever. So Alhamdulillah.


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