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  What Led Prof. Alison to Embrace Islam

Professor Arthur Alison is the head of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in the University of London. For several years he had been the President of the British Society for Psychological and Spiritual Studies. In the course of his study of religions, he got acquainted with Islam. When he compared Islam with the religions and creeds he had studied, he found it suited his inborn nature and satisfied his requirements.
He was invited to the First Islamic International Conference on the Medical Inimitability held in Cairo from 29th September to 6th October 1985, under the auspices of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate. In the conference, he presented a paper on the psychological and spiritual methods of therapy in the light of the Holy Quran, in addition to another paper on sleep and death in the light of Verse 42 of Surah Az-Zumar (39) which he presented in collaboration with Dr. Mohammed Yahya Sharafi. The facts presented in the conference were an eyeopener to him.
At the concluding session of the Conference attended by Shaikhul Azhar Jad Al-Haq, the Egyptian Minister of Awqaf, Dr. Mohammed Ahmady and Dr. Mohammed Yahya Sharafi and in the presence of Press Reporters and T.V. Correspondents, Professor Arthur Alison stood to declare that Islam is the religion of truth and inborn nature with which Allah has created man. Then he uttered the two testimonies (Shahadatain) saying: that he bears witness that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.
In an interview given to the Arabic weekly, Al-Muslimoon of London, he narrated the story of his conversion to Islam saying: "In the course of my study of psychology and related subjects as the President of the British Society for Psychological and Spiritual Studies, I got acquainted with religions. I studied the religions of Hinduism, Buddhism and some other religions and creeds. When I studied Islam, I compared it to other religions.
"During the Conference on 'Medical Inimitability in the Quran,' I could realize that the difference was great. Then I was convinced that Islam is the most proper religion that befits my inborn nature and conduct. In my heart, I had felt that there is a God controlling the Universe. He is the Creator.
"Therefore, when I studied about Islam, I found that it did not conflict with reason and science. So, I believed that it was the revealed religion from One and Only Allah. As I witnessed the truth, I uttered it, I was overwhelmed by a strange and ineffable feeling mingled with ease, comfort and satisfaction."

Prof. Arthur Alison

From: Yes I Converted to Islam and here Is Why

Tuesday : 10/12/2002