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Pelbagai Sumber

Interview with Hamza Ahmad (Entrepreneur, Activist, Story Teller)

Joining us for Season 4 episode 9 is Hamza Ahmed, founder of How to Be a Bully, an Arts based bullying prevention program and the Journal for Muslims, a journal created to help Muslims connect with Allah and gain a closeness to Allah through daily reflections and daily gratitude. Resources The Journal for Muslims (10% off with the code: PRODUCTIVE) How …

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[FREE Download] Get Your 2018/1439-40H Wall Calendar Today!

It’s finally here! Productive Muslim’s 2018/1439-40 Wall Calendar is now ready for you to download. Let’s make this year one of your most productive years spiritually, physically and socially. This is our every year’s resolution. Follow our blog, make use of our Academy, Masterclass, and all the work we’re producing to help you live The Best Version of Yourself, insha’Allah. Don’t …

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How to Become a Successful Muslim Entrepreneur with Sa’Diyya Patel (Podcast Interview)

Joining us for Season 4 episode 8 is Sa’Diyya Patel, founder of The Wealthy Muslimah, an online business created to empower Muslim women to become financially independent through starting their online businesses. She is also the Academy instructor of the course How to Become A Successful Muslim Entrepreneur which covers easy and practical steps to kick-start your successful, meaningful and …

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[Part 3] ‘I Haven’t Started Either’ – Confessions of A High School Bully

Read the Promo, Part 1, Part 2 Chapter Five “You ever heard of a Pandora tomato technique?” I asked Joe at lunchtime. “Is that for Pizza?” Joe asked. “No, I think it’s some kind of system to help students study.” “Dude! Have we met?” Joe commented, “Of course I haven’t heard of it. Who cares anyway?” “You know Alex’s older …

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[Part 2] ‘I Haven’t Started Either’ – Confessions of A High School Bully

Read the Promo, Part 1 Chapter Three “He’s opening his eyes.” “Check this out. You’re peeing in a bag dude!” “Oh thank God you’re okay, sweetheart.” “Ali…. It’s me, Sara! Can you hear me?” “You’re peeing in a bag man. That’s worse than being dead!” “Your son’s surgery went very well Mr. and Mrs. Salem. He’s going to be a …

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