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  > Home > Islam Itu Indah > Keindahan Islam > Chinese Couple Wedding In Masjid
Chinese Couple Wedding In Masjid

Huh??? Chinese Couple Wedding In Masjid???



How can a Chinese have their wedding in Masjid? They cant even enter Masjid so how can they do that? Where is the religious officer? You look at the banner and it stated there "WELCOME TO WEDDING CEREMONY of NG KUAN BENG & GOH YEE MEI, 18 DECEMBER 2011 - MASJID UNIVERSITI PUTRA MALAYSIA"


Well I didnt lie right? In real fact Not Yet Muslim is allow & encourage to visit and enter Masjid for them to understand Islam better. What they need to do is just that wear a proper attire to respect the place of worship and InshaAllah (God Willing) you will be bring around and brief by a volunteer about Islam and function of Masjid. Ok coming back to the topic, how can a Chinese have their wedding in a Masjid?


As my previous post, is a solemnization ceremony of Brother Ng Kuan Beng & Yee Mei. Both reverted to Islam well before they knew each other and is Allah that bring them together. Islamic solemnization or Akad Nikah is very simple. We do not need a big group to bring all the gift, well if you have it then is ok but if you do not have it also ok. Is just a local culture and this couple choose the Islamic way which is simple & easy without burdening themselves and anyone. Alhamdulilah is a wise choice.. That is how simple Islam is.



Preparation for the solemnization ceremony. Me & Adam Eh (on my right) is the witness for their akad nikah.


The couple invited their family member to attend and Alhamdulilah all of them attended. Yee Mei's parents and some relative flew all the way from Sarawak for their wedding & that is the first time Kuan Beng met his future parents in law. Me & Adam Eh is the witness for their ceremony and before the start of the ceremony I have asked the Ustaz can the witness says "TAK SAH" (Not Valid) in which he replied of course yes and Kuan Beng smile while stare at me with a message "You better dont do this brother. Just say SAH even I have not finish my sentences" and I get his message.



Practicing the sentences before the real one took place (Yee Mei on left side of the photo)


I can felt the kan cheong-ness of Kuan Beng and also Yee Mei which make me kan cheong (nervous) also. Macam saya pula yang nak nikah. Nanti bini saya marah susah. Let me explain why before my wife get angry. I am nervous too because I hope everything went well and if everything went well, he automatically resume the duty of her parents to look after Yee Mei and he need to really take good care of her which I believe both of them will work hard together gether to built a happy marriages and family, InshaAllah...





One breath he completed his line and with One Gold Dinar, they are officially husband & wife...Allahuakbar...Alhamdulilah...



1st time holding each other hand


After they are confirm as husband and wife, Kuan Beng went over to Yee Mei and pass her the Gold Dinar and they hold each other hand for the very first time (they never touch/hold each other hand before as told by them and Islamically that is the correct way) and you can see they still feel shy but is ok because practice more will make them feel more comfortable and better and no more "shy shy Ain Valerie".....



The newly wed....Alhamdulilah....



Family photo after the ceremony.... All look happy and cheerful...



New Muslim brother with the King & Queen of the day.. Just for one day and lifetime (KB say one enough so who say Muslim man like to marry four?)



Nurul Izzah and friend with them


In the same time after the ceremony, we proceed to the hall for some refreshment and we took the opportunity to share Islam with the attendees too. In the wedding gift packs, we are giving out some flyer explaining Islam and Kuan Beng & Yee Mei knew that this is a very good platform for dawah therefore the ask us to bring some dawah material and we also distributing free books on Islam to everyone - Yes everyone including Muslim & Not Yet Muslim. I would like to suggest next time for a Muslim wedding ceremony instead of giving out cups or souvenir, we can give out some books on Islam to the audiences. You will be happy because they came and also you will get good deeds from Allah for your effort in spreading Islam. If you need volunteer to do that during your ceremony, MRM is always ready to serve Islam. Contact us..



Malaysia Reverted Muslim (MRM) family photo (Sitting from left :Jenny, Hajar, June, Ina, Mie with Adlishah Sih[Adam Sih's wife & daughter], Irma & Emily Aishah "Abajie" [Romel's wife & daughter] , Middle Row from left : Ain Valerie 'Meow', Yee Mei, Kuan Beng, Romel Perreira, Standing from left : Adam Sih. Alex Chai, Adam Eh, Me with Aiman. Aimi doing her own business and you will know what she doing soon)


Of course in any ceremony they will hired an emcee and if they have budget they will hired entertainers too so for Kuan Beng & Yee Mei solemnization ceremony, we in MRM sponsored them and is a "Halal Entertainment"... Present to you Double Ai tag team:



Aiman Wong Khai Jien & Aimi Wong Syuen Nie as the emcee, singer & DJ for the day.. Free of charge... Real ISLAMIC HALAL ENTERTAINMENT....




p/s Want to know more about Islam, please feel free to contact me or just click "LIKE" MRM page.


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